Network Care (aka Network Spinal Analysis or NSA) is a gentle method of Chiropractic that teaches your body how to self-correct, dissipate, integrate and release tensions on its own. This is an ability you will learn over a series of visits and have for the rest of your life.

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Care is a powerful healing technology created by Dr Donald Epstein to help your body and mind reorganise - reducing stress & symptoms and enhancing your ability to self-regulate, let go, and heal.

At WellWellWell, Sydney based Network Care Practitioner and Chiropractor Dr Euan McMillan devotes his time and attention to exclusively helping practice members develop skills to advance their own healing and wellness.

Dr Euan uses very gentle, precise touches at areas of your body where stress and tension is stored. These gentle touches draw your brain’s attention to the pattern creating and maintaining stress and trauma (aka stress responses) and redirect your system to re-organise and heal.

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When your body is freed from interference caused by held stress, misalignment, and tensions, the body can achieve a deeper form of healing and alignment.

Dr DonALD EPSTEIN - Founder & Developer - Network Spinal Analysis Care

Dr DonALD EPSTEIN - Founder & Developer - Network Spinal Analysis Care

During sessions you will feel yourself naturally wanting to move and breathe differently as your body learns to let go and unwind stress and tension more effectively. Once tensions diminish, your body’s powerful self-healing abilities are re-established. Technically, two types of natural body waves, one ‘respiratory’ and one ‘somatopsychic’, develop uniquely in Network Care. These waves dissipate tension and reorganise the functioning of the spine and nervous system. You will learn this skill over a series of visits and retain it for the rest of your life.

The unique design of Network Care as well as the intention of the practitioner to facilitate healing make Network Care perfect for people that need to de-stress and calm their mind, body and emotions. This technique is perfect for those with Chronic Pain or Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety, or simply for anyone that wants to improve their health and quality of life.

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